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Knowing beyond Our Human Ability

When we are in alignment with our heart-consciousness, we can use our imagination in creative and life-transforming ways. We can imagine that we are the Creator, infinite in every way and present in full awareness of all potentialities everywhere and always. We can choose how we feel about ourself in the most wonderful and magnificent ways. If we want to experience ecstasy and love forever, we can create the presence of other conscious, infinite Beings that allow us to interact in enjoyable life-enhancing ways. We can create the kind of Beings that we want to interact and be with. Now imagine that we are those Beings.

Imagine that we are created to share in the living experiences of the Creator of all and to use our creative ability to design entertaining experiences to participate in with the Creator. Suppose this is what we are doing now. We are constantly creating experiences and interactions in our thoughts, feelings and actions. In our perspective, we get to determine the quality of our experiences, and we offer all of them to the Creator, whose consciousness we share in every moment. We have ultimate freedom to think and feel however we choose in every situation.

Whatever situation we are currently experiencing is present for us because of our design and intent. Due to the constraints we have placed upon our consciousness in order to participate fully in the human experiment, we may not realize what our current life signifies for us, but with sufficient introspection and inner awareness, it can become clear for us. All of our experiences are meaningful on some level of vibration. We are finding out what the range of negativity feels like, and we are learning how to conduct ourselves and be aware of the quality of our own state of being in interacting with negativity.

If we are perceptive and open to receiving inspiration, we can know that we participate in a greater consciousness than our biological ability would allow. This awareness comes through our own inner knowing beyond ego-consciousness. When we can resolve our fears and limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can open our awareness to our heart-consciousness and the realization of our infinite essence. We are the companions of the infinite Creator and fractals of universal consciousness.

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