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Just Being Ourselves

Being ourselves implies that we know who we are. This is a potential problem, because we are complex beings. We are our ego-consciousness, which we have identified with, practically since birth, and we are also our multi-dimensional, infinite and eternal Self. So completely have we allowed ourselves to be trained to fixate on our ego-consciousness, that we do not allow our awareness to expand into our greater Self, and if we even try, we have no clue of how to do it.

Ego-consciousness is held in the awareness of all of humanity. It is part of the experience of duality, living with both positivity and negativity in a realistic experience of limitation and lack of fulfillment. It is the experience of artificial separation from the source of our life, resulting in the feelings of loneliness and lack of love, and the idea of being sinful. In this state of being, the dark force has all the power that humanity gives it. It is artificial in the sense that it has no power apart from the life force given by us. Ego consciousness is based in fear, and once we decide to resolve our fears, we can begin to focus on our true Being.

We want to believe that we are sovereign beings, but we don’t know how to interface with the negative controlling powers in a way that allows for sovereignty. All avenues that could promise freedom have been compromised, and if we get too far out of alignment with submission to authority, we are deprived of even the small amount of freedom we had enjoyed. We are constantly instilled with fear to keep us suppressed, but there is a way to genuine freedom, and it exists within our own being.

We have never lost our connection with the source of our life, or we could not be alive, unless we are parasites of others who are. The parasites are the psychopathic controllers who take our life force, but we do not have to give it to them. It is a voluntary, free-will arrangement, created by trickery and subterfuge. They have trained us to believe in our limitations and need for their control.

We all have an inner knowing in the aspect of intuition. This is our connection with our greater Self, and we can open our awareness to it by intending to align with the energies of love and compassion flowing through our heart. In this way we begin to know the truth of our Being. When we ask for higher guidance and become receptive to it and trust that it is true, life-enhancing energies become available to us in abundance. Our awareness can expand in ways we did not know, and love begins to fill our lives. As we follow our inner guidance, our circumstances begin to change, and we naturally gain the freedom we had longed for. As we express the love that we come to feel and know, miracles begin to happen for us, and our lives go through a great transformation. We come into alignment with our true essence.

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Brilliant! With gratitude! 🎈

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