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Realizing Personal Mastery

When we diminish or violate another person’s integrity, we immediately know what we are doing. It means that there is an anomaly in our consciousness, due to the belief in our mortality. If we desperately want something that we believe we do not have, our ego free will may want work for it or take what we want from the life force of another being; instead, we can change our belief to already having what we want and being grateful for it. Whatever it is already exists in the quantum field, ready for us to recognize it and realize its reality in our experience. This requires stretching our imagination beyond our limited ego-consciousness and opening our awareness to a greater portion of universal consciousness. As long as we confine ourselves to ego-consciousness, we will remain unaware of our greater reality.

Regardless of anything else, our reality consists of what we are aware of within the scope of our beliefs about ourselves. If we are willing to transcend our beliefs, we can open our awareness to greater consciousness. We can live in the vibratory spectrum of quantum awareness. Knowing our essence beyond space and time gives us a perspective that enables us to understand the dualistic energy-game that we are playing as humans. In learning to clarify our perspective, we can command our own expanding conscious awareness to be positively heart-centered in every moment.

This can bring immediate freedom, because heart-consciousness is eternally life-enhancing. In alignment with its energetics, everything thrives with gratitude, compassion, love and joy. We are naturally fulfilled beyond our needs, and we are free to create whatever we desire in ways that we enjoy. It all happens when we know and realize it is real for us. It is here that we must transcend our personally-limiting beliefs that define our reality.

We can penetrate our subconscious mind to recognize and resolve our limitations, leading to transcendence. We can also make a drastic leap in our orientation to reality, by living by what we deeply know and feel within in every moment. With practice, we can sharpen our intuitive awareness, which is our connection within the infinite consciousness of the Being that we all are, and whose creative power we wield in every moment, limited only by our personal beliefs about what can be real.

Our true reality is the infinite quantum field of all potentialities. Whatever we want to experience is ours to have, by imagining and feeling that we are living in alignment with its vibrations. If we choose to align with negative, life-destroying vibrations, we diminish our consciousness. By contrast, in alignment with heart-consciousness, we become radiant with gratitude, love, sovereignty and joy. No longer limited by mortality, we are creating more joy and greater love throughout our lives.

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