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Intentionally Transforming Our Destiny

We have allowed ourselves to be trained and conditioned to enslave ourselves to negative imaginings, resulting in our suffering, physical deterioration and abuse of ourselves and our planet. It is all an imaginary creation that we have kept recreating. Our only enemies are within our own consciousness. They exist only because we provide them with our conscious life force through our mental and emotional abilities. Everything we experience is a result of our own creative energies. Because of who we are, we can change everything through our intentional choices in focusing our attention and awareness.

When we learn to control the focus of our attention, and we are aligned with our intuitive knowing, we effortlessly create miracles and transformative experiences. We can do this by going with the flow of the energy that runs through the heart of our Being. We can know this flow of conscious life force coming to us in every moment by how it feels emotionally. Because we have experienced their qualities for eons, we naturally know the difference between negativity and positivity. We have the power to choose which one we want in our awareness.

Because it is based in fear and negativity, our ego-consciousness consists of many defects, which manifest in our physical, mental and emotional selves. Since they are all self-created, we do not need to be entranced and enslaved by our defects. They depend upon our belief in them as real. Once they become unbelievable for us, we are free to transcend their energetic patterns and clearly know our true Being as our eternal presence of awareness with infinite creative ability. This process happens through our realization, as our awareness expands, unimpeded by limiting beliefs.

There are many ways to make this shift in our conscious awareness. We can work with our consciousness by intentional focusing on what we truly want with gratitude, joy and feelings of fulfillment. Because they are beyond limitation, being in the spectrum of these energies transcends negative beliefs about ourselves and our condition. By transcending doubt and fear, we can give our attention to what we deeply feel and know within ourselves as our unconditionally-loving and life-enhancing gratitude and joy. This is the vibratory level of the intuition coming through our heart and enabling us to connect with universal consciousness.

When we choose to stop giving our life force to life-diminishing feelings and thoughts, and instead focus our attention on our deepest knowing in life-enhancing ways, we can train ourselves to live in the realm of gratitude, love, compassion and joy. To achieve this, we can pay attention constantly to the light and vitality in every being. When this level of energy fills our awareness, negativity disappears from our lives. Our bodies regenerate with the fulness of our life force, because this is how we realize our essence to be, and our relationships become clear and free. As many of us do this, it transforms the consciousness of humanity.

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