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Insights into Universal Consciousness

Our ego is our programmed consciousness, which contains our awareness. In our ego-consciousness, we do not know what is beyond time and space, because the ego does not recognize our inner knowing. This allows us to feel separate and be fearful of the unknown, particularly what happens after the body dies. This fear is held in our consciousness and pervades our awareness, keeping us believing that we are insignificant, shameful, victimized and terminal. It is all in our imagination and can be changed, if we desire to evolve. When we recognize the power of our beliefs, we can be grateful for the gift of this power, and we can learn to direct it in life-enhancing ways.

To free our ability to direct our lives in confidence, we can examine the basis of our limiting beliefs about ourselves. They hold our awareness locked into negativity. We hold ourselves in fear and doubt about our lives. We do not know what may happen to threaten us. This anxiety keeps us from realizing our higher guidance within and everywhere. When we feel threatened, we cannot have an open heart, even though the threat must be self-created, because we are eternal, sovereign Beings. We have the ability to transform these limiting beliefs by realizing the unconditional love vibration at the heart of our Being, symbolized and embodied by our physical heart, which lives to enliven us, regardless of what we do to it. The heart has been shown medically as having by far the strongest energetic radiance of any organ in our body, including the brain. The heart is the source of our intuitive knowing and is our connection with infinite consciousness. Intuitively we can know whatever we want to know in every moment.

Consciousness is infinite and is in everything. Trillions of times each second, consciousness creates every form and substance that exists, including our essence. It enables our personal expression through the beliefs that we imagine and apply to ourselves. Consciousness lives beyond all energetic expressions and is within them. We may think of universal consciousness as a living Being that we arise within and are given freedom of thought, emotion and attention. To us, this Being may be God the Creator or Allah or the Void within which all arises. In the realm of science, quantum physicists began to recognize universal consciousness in the early 20th century.

Although each of us has our own awareness, we all participate in infinite consciousness, including everything manifest and unmanifested. To open our awareness to infinite consciousness, we must resolve, release and transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We needed them for our human experience, but when we are ready to expand beyond the world of good and evil, we can recognize that all of life, including the Earth, is trending toward compassion, love and understanding. If we are stuck in negativity, we will have to search intentionally for positive and higher vibrations to align with. When we align mentally and emotionally with the energies of gratitude, joy and love, we are enabled to see and feel the light in all beings and to connect with their awareness.

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