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Insights into the Nature of Our Reality

We are all brothers and sisters and are of the same essence, arising within universal consciousness. Every sub-atomic swirling energy-entity, atom, molecule and the entire structure of our physical presence is conscious. All, even rocks, are of the same creative essence of life, which pervades universal consciousness. This is the source of all conscious life force in existence and continues to expand as awareness expands. Our purpose here is to create experiences for universal consciousness, which is what we are constantly doing. The energetic pattern of very thought, feeling and action is forever held within universal consciousness. In our ability to choose the focus and alignment of our state of being, we create experiences, which we participate in.

Every constituent entity of our physical presence has a natural polarity and vibratory range that is aligned with our heart-consciousness. When we are in resonance with this energy, we have perfect health and well-being. To the extent that we give our attention to a different kind of energetic pattern, we disrupt our personal energy signature, creating instability in our physical presence and resulting in defects in the functioning of our bodies.

If we use our bodies as symbols of our conscious state of being, we can examine our defects for clues of the kind of energy interference we are experiencing. If we penetrate the energy of our defects down to their source, we find that we have become unable to realize the infinite love and enhancement of life that we constantly receive and that keeps us alive. Through our intuition we become aware of this, when we open our minds and imagination to it.

Once we recognize our inner knowing and realize it, we are on the path to mastery of our situation. Limiting beliefs become unbelievable and dissipate from our consciousness. Without our creative life force, which we provide through our attention, they cannot exist within universal consciousness. Only life-enhancing consciousness exists in reality. We have learned to use our creative ability in destructive ways and have experienced the results. We can shift our awareness at any time to another energetic level of expression. We can use our imagination to create form and feeling to attract us to the energies we love and want to experience.

As we come into alignment with our heart-consciousness, every aspect of our presence becomes clear and brilliant. Out of far memory, we can recognize the ability to make real whatever we imagine. We are the creators of our reality through our ability to recognize and realize energetic patterns in our imagination. We all imagine our reality, and it is within our own consciousness.

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