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Insights into Our Human Potential

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Because of our sense impressions, we assume that there are many inanimate objects in our reality. This is only due to our insensitivity and lack of deep awareness. Quantum physicists have designed technology that can look deeply into the molecular and atomic structure of things. What they have found is that everything is made of swirling patterns of light configured in various densities, some of which appear solid to our senses. On a subatomic level, every wave/particle exhibits conscious awareness. When photons are directed toward a goal, they find every possible pathway to it. They are aware of other photons everywhere and act perfectly according to their nature. All subatomic entities exhibit conscious awareness beyond the capabilities of our human minds. Our entire bodies are comprised of conscious entities. There is no part of us that is inanimate.

Even rocks, crystals, rain drops, wind and every strand of our hair is a conscious being, comprised of conscious entities. Because of the limitations of our human awareness, we have been tricked into believing that our world is full of inanimate things, and that we live in a solid, empirical world. In reality, everything is a mystery to our ego-consciousness. The reality that we share consists of illusions that we make real by our interactions and recognition of the energy patterns that we perceive.

We have been interacting with everyone and everything as if we are separate beings in ourselves, unaware that every atom in our bodies is part of the consciousness that contains everything. Not every conscious entity has free will in the expression of its essence. Most entities act in accordance with their predetermined nature. Humans, however, freely direct our attention and emotions as we choose, but we also have an innate knowing, just like the photons and protons, and it goes far beyond what we have been aware of. It is part of the consciousness that envelops and creates all conscious beings, and we can have access to all of it, because we are fractals of the Creator’s infinite consciousness, and we inherently have Self-Realization beyond spacetime.

The only reason that we do not know who we are is because we agreed to expand universal consciousness by experiencing what it would be like to feel that we are separate beings within a limited consciousness, apart from our true essence. We imposed limiting beliefs upon ourselves and have lived with them for eons, but our inherent capabilities are far beyond any technology. The requirement for us to realize our essence is for us to align our awareness with our inner knowing in the creation and enhancement of all life in unconditional acceptance and love. This is the vibratory energetic expression that opens us to the limitless possibilities of our divine essence.

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Nov 09, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Fabulous! Thank you, Kenneth! 🦋🌼


Dianna Rose
Dianna Rose
Nov 07, 2023

I am most grateful for all that you share on your blog. I look forward to reading and contemplating your words of wisdom which greatly assist me on my conscious journey of expansion. After I read each article, I click on your photo and give you thanks. I sense you feel it. Much love to you.

~ Dianna

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