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Increasing Our Self-Realization

Because everything we experience is within our own consciousness, our experiences are a reflection of our state of being, the vibrations of our predominant thoughts and feelings. We are actors creating our scenarios by the kinds of energetic patterns and characters we attract by our polarity and vibratory level. We establish a caste with whom to play our roles for ourselves in conjunction with resonantly-vibrating others. Until we decide to explore beyond our limitations, we relive the vibratory levels of our historical experiences within the belief structure of humanity.

Our ego consciousness cannot go beyond our limiting beliefs without an unlimiting experience. It lives within the boundaries of our limitations and claims authority in this spectrum of energy. Our ego keeps us occupied and distracted by fear and stress in order to have our life force enabling its existence. Once we pierce the veil of our self-limitations, the ego dissolves, and we can realize our true personhood. We can become aware that we are One that can express our Self as our unique individuality in any dimension and as any kind of entity.

Currently we are humans on the Earth, but in our consciousness we can become aware of our greater Being. To open ourselves for this awareness, we can align with only positive energies of high-vibratory emotional and visionary energies. In our true Being, we inhabit a state of Being that is entirely joyful and ecstatic in a realm of beauty and life-enhancing energies. This is what we can align with as much as possible in our imagination and feelings. The more we practice, the more vivid and convincing our experiences become, until they become real for us.

Identifying with our greater Self enables us to be loving and compassionate in our human interactions. Once we transcend ego-consciousness, we can take control of our human presence with the guidance of intuitive knowing. This transforms our lives into experiences that enhance all of life. We have the ability to create everything we need and desire with a pure heart. If we begin to live without limits, we find that we no longer have negative experiences, and we can know everything we want to know as our awareness expands into universal consciousness.

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