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Increasing Our Inner Radiance

In our quest to know the truth of who we are, we can raise our vibrations by choosing to fill our awareness with greater gratitude, appreciation and joy. The further we can go within ourselves into selfless and self-fulfilling love, the more present in multi-dimensional awareness we can become. Our condition flows energetically with the vibrations of our imagination and emotions. To be fully open to realizing our limitless awareness, we must drop all of our preconceptions and limiting beliefs about ourselves. We are pure consciousness with present awareness wherever we direct our attention, and we can direct it to ourselves. We can realize our essence as fractals of the Creator of all, with inter-dimensional awareness and creativity. We set our own limits in all aspects of life.

Without psychological limitations, we are free to follow the vibrations of our heart, leading to intuitive knowing and joyful confidence. When we are able to maintain this awareness, our lives become magical, with everything going smoothly. If we can maintain this awareness even when faced with suffering and pain, we transform negativity into well-being and love. If we let ourselves be distracted by even a small amount of fear or doubt, we cannot fully open ourselves to heart-consciousness. By following our heart-consciousness, we can have absolute confidence in everything. We can clearly know our guidance in every moment.

Our experiential world is an unbounded sea of electromagnetic wave patterns, all of them arising out of universal consciousness, which we participate in, as much as we allow ourselves. When we change our consciousness, we change the vibrations of the wave patterns that we pay attention to. This is how we create the qualities of our experiences. Our lives are completely an inside job. We direct the energy in our consciousness with our attention and choice of polarity and vibratory level. This we can learn to do intentionally all the time.

When we have resolved our personal dramas, needs and desires that are all based in fear, we become able to pay attention to our heart-consciousness. It has the vibratory level of gratitude, compassion and joy. When we can hold our awareness to this spectrum of energetics, we transform our lives and can realize our true creative power. We can realize the reality of this range of vibrations, and, by constant awareness of the energy of our heart, shift into a dimension that cannot be reached by negativity. We can fill our awareness with love, joy, abundance and freedom as we expand into infinite presence of awareness.

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