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In Search of Unconditional Love

In the deepest possible feeling. the experience of unconditional love comes to us in our inner knowing in every moment. To experience it in its true essence, we must know our Selves in our eternal, present awareness. Unconditional love never changes. It is our direct connection with the One divine consciousness.

In our ego-consciousness, we cannot know this. Our ego is designed to live in limitation in all areas of life, and we are attached to it and its limitations. It is unaware of higher guidance and expanded consciousness, but this is a voluntary attachment. In order to know our true potential in who we really are, we must transcend our ego-consciousness through opening ourselves to our intuitive knowing. The ego cannot interfere with this, only with how we receive it and recognize it.

Our intuition is connected with our inner senses, our innate being, and our conscience, and it is much more. It is our ever-present sense of knowing in the background of our awareness. By searching for this inner knowing, we can develop sensitivity to it by being open and objectively aware. We are prompted in every instance, just as we need to know, feel or do something. We may have other messages and vibrations coming into our awareness, but our intuitive promptings always come with the vibrations that feel life-enhancing in every way.

Nothing needs to be changed in our lives for us to experience the wonders of great love, joy and abundance, except our attitude and perspective. Instead of being judgmental and outraged about people and situations that we don’t like, we can decide to be accepting, forgiving and kind, while imagining the inner conscious light in everyone and everything, and then interfacing with it. When we are truly aligned with the enhancement of all life, It will appear. This is the energy of unconditional love, and it is inherent in our essential Being. It is always present and never changes.

Unconditional love is the essence of universal consciousness. It is the nature of the Creator of all and arises in us through the conscious life force that we receive in every moment. It is the nature of our participation in the consciousness that envelops everything that exists in all dimensions. It naturally brings fulfillment to us of our every need and wish and much more.

To enjoy our awareness of it, we must resolve our attachments to the beliefs in our limitation. We needed our limitations for a genuine human experience, but our limiting beliefs are the only restrictions to realizing our true Being in greatest love.

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