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Impressions of Our Expanding Consciousness

We are designed to want to experience, as fully as possible, the qualities of freedom, joy, love and abundance. These are the emanations of Creator Consciousness, and we are free to choose to experience their fulness in any moment. When we do, we feel good. When we choose to feel some other way, we are given resonating experiences. If there is even a slight tinge of fear, we feel it, and if we hang onto it, we convey our life force to the realm of negativity, making it real for ourselves.

By training ourselves to resolve and transcend our ego-needs, we are able to be present in our awareness and to let all experiences flow through our consciousness, while choosing the ones we love and aligning with them. This keeps our vibrations high and positive, and it enables us to be clear in our understanding. We can open our awareness to our inner knowing. It guides us into fulfilling experiences that we love and enjoy.

Everything we don’t like is an energetic pattern that we are holding in our consciousness. All experience is happening in our own consciousness. Everyone we encounter is an aspect of ourselves within our own consciousness. We are each a presence of awareness within infinite consciousness, able to create our human expression and everything we want to experience. When we follow our joy, we are aligning with life-enhancing energy and experiences. We are creating them with our vibratory presence.

How grateful we are about ourselves, or how much we may need to judge and criticize others or ourselves, determines the vibratory nature of our creations and the world we experience. A negative reaction to someone or something is based on fear and feeling threatened. Without our fear, a threat is meaningless. We are the ones who grant ourselves fear. There is no outside requirement. We are free to express our human person as we wish. All of our experiences are attracted to us as a result of our vibratory quality. When we have only good feelings, our life force radiates from us in ways that attract the people and experiences that we love and are grateful for.

Being grateful and loving in our present situation, whatever it may be, gives us a radiant presence that draws more love and gratitude into our lives. We are learning to align ourselves with the vibratory qualities of the consciousness that is our essence, our eternal presence of awareness with infinite creative power. We are the modulators of creative energetic patterns without limit within the consciousness that constantly creates everything.

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