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Humanity’s Shift in Consciousness

In order for us to make the shift in consciousness that humanity is being invited to make, as our environmental frequency rises into greater positivity, we must be intimately connected with our intuition and our subconscious. Our entire being can learn to align with gratitude, beauty, great joy, deepest love and compassion. These vibrations are in the spectrum of our intuition and are all beyond ego-consciousness, but we can feel them and know what they are. Our limiting beliefs cannot block them completely, because these vibrations are part of our innate sense of Being. We are naturally attracted to them. The leap in consciousness is aided by this attraction.

Everything in our experience is a function of our conscious awareness. By paying fearless attention to feelings and imaginings that draw us to what we love the most, we are naturally attracted to opening our awareness to our higher guidance. It leads us to everything we could want and inspires us to act in collaboration with what we deeply know.

For success in this endeavor, we can do anything that takes us into gratitude and joy in every moment. Aligning with the energies in resplendent natural environments, listening to inspiring music and doing focused breathing and intense laughter can all be beneficial. Anything that is so powerful that the ego is disabled, can help us to open our awareness to our inner knowing in elevated and expanded awareness. Out-of-body experiences are the most powerful in transcending ego-consciousness and moving beyond fear. Deep meditation and psychotropics can help us to open our awareness beyond the body and even beyond space/time. Sometimes into crystalline spacetime.

We can become thoroughly disoriented in our non-localized presence of awareness, so that we seek great sensitivity to our inner guidance. Without any significant input from our ego-consciousness, it becomes irrelevant. We can be entirely confident in our inner knowing of everything we want to know. We can recognize the inner light in the eyes and personal radiance of those we interact with. Our encounters become life-enhancing, and we become transformative for others. With our intentional creative power, we can use quantum healing processes for instantaneous healing.

This is the expanded consciousness we are being drawn into. It is an energetic dimension that we can recognize as real for us. It is what we truly want in our deepest Being, and we can experience it whenever we can realize it for ourselves in our inner knowing.

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