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How We Create Our Reality

We can ask within for guidance in opening our awareness to the greatest love and joy, which comes to us when we can realize its reality. To realize this reality, we must ask for it within ourselves. When we want it and can create the experience in our imagination and emotions, we are guided to our fulfillment. It happens when we realize it. Without our realization, it cannot exist for us. Quantum physics has proved that, by interacting with the energetic patterns that we recognize, we create their reality for ourselves. When we do not recognize them as real, they do not exist for us, because it’s all just swirling energy, and we are the modulators of the energetic patterns that we interact with.

Another realization, that is related to knowing our own reality, is that our empirical experience in duality is an artificial creation held in existence by the imaginary and emotional life force of humanity. We create reality for ourselves consciously and sub-consciously. Without our recognition, it would not exist for us, but it would for all others who recognize it as real. In order to participate in it, we must exist within its limitations, but we do not have to limit our awareness to this compartment of consciousness. By aligning with the positive, high-vibratory energies in the heart of our Being, we can live fulfilling lives in every way.

The divine flow of our conscious life force is limited only by our deeply-buried limiting beliefs about ourselves. These were developed by our ego-consciousness, which can also train our subconscious, where our inherited beliefs reside. The existence of our ego-consciousness depends upon maintaining our limiting beliefs. Without these limits, ego consciousness melts into our full awareness, guided by the inner knowing that constantly comes to us through the conscious life force in the heart of our Being.

Opening access to our inner knowing is crucial for further realizations. We know what our conscience is, and it is part of our inner guidance. If we can align ourselves with the vibrations of our conscience, that is the beginning of inner knowing, and it will lead us deeper into greater awareness of higher vibrations. As we open our awareness, we can recognize the reality of the realm that we vibrate in resonance with. It becomes our reality. Every realm exists here for those who realize it’s reality, and it exists contemporaneously in the same space as human empirical duality. It’s just a different realization of reality. It may appear to be the same as the empirical vibrations that we know, but in the realm of only positive polarity, there is no duality.

It does require a leap in consciousness to open to the reality of a different level of awareness. That leap is resolution of our limiting beliefs, by developing sensitivity and alignment with our intuitive knowing. We can begin to transcend our beliefs by finding them unbelievable. The leap requires learning to use our recognition and realization in creative ways that may seem unrealistic or impossible. If we can intentionally transcend these beliefs, we can understand their basis in fear and doubt. These do not exist in the higher vibrations beyond duality. There is only the vibratory level of gratitude, joy, compassion and their companions.

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