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How Unlimited Can We Be?

We have a natural desire to be infinite in our awareness, because it is our true nature, beyond time and space, as well as in our human form. As humans we are focused on our empirical reality, but our awareness in not bound to the physical world. We can go deep in meditation and dreams, transcending our human hypnotic trance. We can choose to open our awareness to another dimension by using our imagination to identify patterns of energies beyond polarity, where all energy is positive and is emotionally identifiable as such.

As we invite our imagination to follow the energy of our heart into a higher realm, we can begin to recognize waves of love and compassion encompassing and interpenetrating our internal experiences. With our intentions, we can expand our awareness into wondrous scenarios, as great as we can believe are possible. When we recognize them, we can realize them, and they become real for us. As we learn to adapt to higher consciousness, we can feel and be more unlimited in our present awareness.

Our creative ability lies in our feeling, recognizing and aligning with the vibrations of any quality of energy. Our mental and emotional alignment with energetic patterns or scenarios makes them real in our experience. By living intentionally in gratitude, we can stay positive, while we create positive experiences for ourselves, regardless of what may be happening around us in the world. We can live in a sort of parallel dimension on a higher level, where dark energy is absent. It manifests for us according to our level of our confidence.

There is no power outside of our own consciousness that limits our creative ability, and we are the sole directors of the kind of experiences we draw out of the quantum field. If we pay attention to the fabricated world of humanity, we cannot find higher guidance for understanding life. The world of humanity is the realm of ego-consciousness in the experience of the duality of negative and positive energies. Transcendence of the ego through intuitive knowing is our connection to greater awareness.

We share our energetic presence with many beings, seen and unseen, and we are the sole directors of our experiences. Our quality of life is a result of how we think and feel about ourselves. Nothing outside of ourselves keeps us from being unlimited. We are invited to drop our attachments to our inferior beliefs about ourselves through compassionate acceptance, forgiveness, love and transformation. As we elevate our perspective beyond our self-imposed limitations, we can be as expanded as we can realize.

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