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How Does the Mocking Bird Sing the Way It Does?

Whereas each of us has a personal awareness, many species have a species consciousness that they are intimately aligned with. The greatest musical composer is the consciousness of the mocking bird. Every male can continuously compose new songs very five seconds, never to be repeated. How can a tiny bird brain be capable of this? It happens in alignment with its species consciousness, which is endowed with musical creativity. Some species of parrots are capable of instantly solving puzzles that would challenge an intelligent human. By aligning with the vibratory presence of these species, we can understand them and know their essence, expressed in their energy signature, which we can be aware of through our imagination and feelings.

We can look comfortably into the essence of any living being. Consider our Sun. The intensity of its radiance overwhelms our ability to see. Yet, because we have an invisible conscious connection, we can know its essence. We can feel its presence and its energy signature. We can align with its presence and feelings. Every aspect of the Sun enhances our lives to the extent that we can allow, because of our limiting beliefs about ourselves and what we can allow ourselves to be aware of. These beliefs are deeply-set programs in our subconscious, and we can recognize them for what they are. We can accept them with gratitude for enabling the experience of separation of being in a world of good and evil. In this way we have expanded universal consciousness, by which we could experience the mirror opposites on light and dark energies. We have walked through the polarities back and forth for eons. This is no longer necessary. With an intense desire and a willingness to be aware of our inner guidance, we can transform our limitations in ways that we deeply know.

From time immemorial, shamans have aligned their awareness with all of the plants in their environment. From the energy signature of each plant, the shaman knows and feels the quality of the connection through its radiant presence. Thus, we know what is nourishing and healing and how to prepare it to enhance our lives. This kind of understanding is available for us in every experience, sharing the consciousness of all living beings around us.

As we learn to release our attachments to outcomes, we can clarify our awareness and just be present and aware in a non-localized way. This is a kind of meditative state of high alertness to the conscious life-stream is constantly prompting and guiding us into greater awareness within the consciousness that we all share. It is the consciousness that creates universes, and we are part of it, with access to whatever we can pay attention to.

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