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How Deeply Can We Penetrate Our Consciousness?


For adventurers in consciousness, we have a rich and unlimited menu of experiences for living multidimensionally. We have naturally inherited inner guidance that we can all be aware of. It is always present somewhere in our presence of awareness. We can call it forth into our awareness, while aligning with life-enhancing intentions always and for everyone. With our deep connection within infinite consciousness, we can open our awareness to the vibrations that deeply turn us on and create a radiance that enhances all of humanity. These vibrations are loving and ecstatic as deeply as we allow ourselves to feel and open ourselves to experience. We choose our vibrations, and the world of human experience adjusts itself in alignment with our perspective.


The best way for us to know how energy works is through physical experience. Although we come into this life with an intended destiny, we can change our script and background to come into alignment with our true essence of Being. From within the bounds of the empirical range of vibrations, we do not know what is beyond this energetic dimension. The only way to know beyond it is to transcend the physical with a leap in consciousness and a change in perspective, often beginning in theta consciousness.


Our essence is filled with creative energy that we can direct with excitement and wisdom. When we align with the vibratory essence of the heart of our Being, we are filled with clarity, great love and joy. This state of Being produces fulfillment in every way. We can realize how we are fractals of the consciousness of our Creator, endowed with Creator Consciousness in eternal presence of awareness. Our presence in human experience is a projection of our consciousness, which we initiate and direct, and which we can experience in love and joy.


What is not important is what we perceive to be happening in the empirical world all around us. It is all patterns of energy that we perceive and interpret within the consciousness that we all are. What is important is our recognition of the qualities of energetic patterns. When we choose to recognize and align with their qualities, we bring them into our awareness and experience.


Through our inner guidance in every situation, we can be aware of the light of creator consciousness in everything. The entire play that we’re involved in is a movement toward Self-Awareness and Realization. In order to come to realization of our infinite presence of awareness beyond spacetime, we must open ourselves to it, desire it and feel what it is. Without limiting beliefs, we naturally know everything in a way that cannot be described in words or concepts, but is absolutely clear and certain.

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