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Higher-Dimensional Living

We can realize our infinite awareness by feeling and knowing our heart-consciousness. This consciousness has no thoughts. It has only knowing and feeling the infinite Being of our true Self. This consciousness is much more deeply aware of us than we are of ourselves. It works with vibrations. In every moment it offers us everything we could ever want, waiting for our realization of its reality. Only our belief that complete fulfillment is impossible for us keeps us from realizing what we truly want.

When we have the desire for expansion of our conscious awareness, we are ready to take the journey to infinite Being through transcendence of our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We can recognize that they serve the purpose of intensifying our empirical experiences, because they do not allow for awareness beyond space/time. We have felt that our sense experiences are all that life can consist of, and we have confined our awareness to this spectrum of positive and negative energies.

As we open our awareness through our heart-consciousness, the first change that we notice is the better quality of life that we experience. The heart and higher chakras have no negativity. We can transcend it by directing our attention and energetic alignment to our heart-consciousness, which we can be aware of as unconditional love in the consciousness of the Creator, within which we arise as expressions of divine consciousness, having infinite creative power.

In our ego-consciousness, we cannot imagine our greatness. The way out of limited consciousness is transcendence through intentional awareness and alignment with clarity in heart-consciousness and the higher chakras. Once we can penetrate our limiting beliefs to their origins in fear, anger and doubt, they become unbelievable for us, and we can realize our infinite presence of awareness as our essence beyond any dimensional expression of consciousness.

Although we have chosen to participate in the human game of empirical duality, we have become unnaturally fixated in it. We are the energetic expressions of Creator consciousness, unlimited in every way. In our essence, we are beings of light and unconditional love in universal consciousness. When we open ourselves to the fullness of our heart-consciousness, we glow with the light of our Creator, emitting massive quantities of photons. In this expanded awareness we can realize our fulfillment in every way, providing a higher dimension of living for us in alignment with the positive, high-vibratory energy of Creator consciousness.

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