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Guidance for Greater Conscious Awareness

Aligning with the energetic quality of our intuition opens us to our higher guidance and transforms our lives. Achieving this alignment happens when we focus our attention on positive, high-vibratory patterns of energy. We can imagine being in experiences of beauty, majesty and joy. Then we can let our intuition provide the visions and feelings, while we remain clear of personal interests. It may only take a moment of realization to know something important.

In order to receive guidance from universal consciousness, we can align ourselves with positive, high-vibratory compassion, love and gratitude. This life-enhancing energy is the vibratory quality of our intuitive guidance. It directs us to realize the truth about who we are as beings of unconditional love and joy with infinite creative power. Our human being is only a limited expression of our true Self. Through our intuition, we can open our awareness to our greater consciousness.

Our conscious awareness is not temporary, even though we have set boundaries for it to give us a genuine experience of duality, with the ability to feel negative energy. This is the temporary part. In the limited spectrum of the empirical world, we can experience destruction, but the end is only the end in the empirical world, not in our expanded reality of eternal awareness.

We are naturally only positive, because we know our essential being is an expression of unconditional love in the Creator consciousness of the Being who is expressing Itself as us in our current form. We are the unlimited Creator in all of our forms, including our limited, human expression. Within the empirical world, we can experience ourselves as separate beings, apart from the consciousness of the Creator.

Only in this way could we ever stare into the depths of darkness the way we have and survive, providing ourselves with greater wisdom and compassion. The Earth-human experience is a great challenge, generating incredible fear and expected termination. Through intuitive guidance, we can remember our true Self. In learning to align ourselves with our intuition, we begin the journey to higher consciousness in a way that transcends our limitations and allows us to resolve them.

Once we realize that we are unlimited, we can release our limiting beliefs. While we are still stuck with our limitations, we can choose to align with our intuition and be guided to greater awareness.

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