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Going Deeper into Self-Realization

On the inner path to Self-mastery, the most important process we must go through is getting ourselves into a high-vibrational mental and emotional presence, beyond limiting beliefs about ourselves. This happens when we intentionally open our awareness through our imagination, creating visions of beauty and feelings of gratitude, joy, compassion and love. We all know what this feels like, because it is our natural state of being. By using our imagination, we can open our receptivity to the greater consciousness of our essential Being. We know when we’re in a state of gratitude and joy.

When something about ourselves isn’t quite right, we can feel it. Whatever keeps us from being in joy can be identified and examined. If it arises from any kind of fear, it must be resolved through resonance with the consciousness of our heart. As we intentionally adopt a perspective of life-enhancement in all ways, we open our awareness to the light in every heart and the presence of infinite awareness. We gain awareness and use of our higher abilities and creative power.

Since we are individual extensions of the consciousness of the Creator, in our essence we are unlimited. We are each a center of conscious presence of awareness with unlimited creative power. We can express ourselves as anything or anyone we desire to imagine. The only thing keeping us from this realization is our system of limiting beliefs about ourselves. They have been imposed on us telepathically and enforced by society since birth and beyond to family inheritance. Because they are so deeply embedded in our consciousness, they require great determination to penetrate and resolve.

We can begin with a desire to know our true nature. We can pay attention to our inner prompting in every situation. This may require intentional practice, since our limiting ego-beliefs do not allow us to recognize our inner knowing. We must search for it within, by imagining how we can express the consciousness of our heart in every situation. By directing our imagination to create life-enhancing scenarios in every situation, we align ourselves with the vibrations in the quantum field that manifest those energetic patterns in our experience.

Ego-consciousness is limited to thinking and sensing the empirical world. It cannot know what the heart knows, because heart-knowing is beyond thought. Through mental and emotional direction, we can become aware of our inner knowing. It is a matter of adjusting our vibratory presence through our mental and emotional processes. We are actors within our own consciousness, and we can identify with any energetic patterns we choose. When we accept and realize the reality of our infinite awareness and creative power, we can fulfill the destiny of our divine essence.

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