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Gaining Transformative Ability

As complex beings in the process of regenerating ourselves, we are invigorating an entire new world. An important element in our regeneration is the purification of our consciousness through unconditional forgiveness of ourselves for realizing and aligning with life-diminishing and destructive energies. This has been responsible for our suffering, aging and physical death. They have attracted villains and torturers into our experience. We cannot blame those who have directed negative energies toward us, because our vibratory level aligned with negativity in some way. We have invited all of our negative experiences through our preoccupation with some aspect of fear, which is what creates victim consciousness in us and motivates us to dwell upon it, bringing suffering and lack into our experience.

By forgiving ourselves for getting entranced with negativity, and by aligning with positive energy, we can purify our consciousness of life-diminishing thoughts and feelings. As we intentionally claim gratitude for our awesome Being, we are able to learn how to direct our talents and abilities in alignment with unconditional love and compassion, which are the essence of our inner light, of the energy of our heart, and connect us with the vibration of the consciousness of our Creator. It is the power of life and the essence of our life force. In our ego-consciousness we are not aware of it, but genuine and complete forgiveness can open our awareness to it.

The ego wants to hold grudges, because it doesn’t know anything beyond our self-limiting perspective. Because forgiveness is not an aspect of ego-consciousness, astute and objective self-assessment is necessary for us to recognize how we got ourselves into the many predicaments that we have experienced. These experiences have all been valuable for our spiritual development. We now know what it feels like to suffer in negativity. We know what it feels like to be victims and to live under limitations that we have made real for ourselves.

As we are able to move into complete forgiveness and gratitude, we have the option to leave all negative experiences behind. They are all a product of our own state of being, which we have control over. How we feel within ourselves attracts resonant energetic patterns. By forgiving ourselves for all negative feelings based in fear and doubt, hatred and judgmentalness, we can elevate our perspective and become aware of the light of love in our heart and in the essence of all conscious beings. This is the level of vibration that enables us to be inspired enough to focus on great vitality and regeneration of ourselves, the Earth and all beings. We are the creators of everything we experience.

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