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Gaining Realization of Our Capabilities

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Our conscious minds are a gift and a liability. They enable us to think and navigate through our experiences in the world of good and evil. It is only in this realm that the egoic self can express its realizations. Its fears keep it from realizing a world filled with love, compassion and joy. To change this requires a deep penetration of our consciousness, down to theta waves. We all have moments of this level of conscious awareness between waking and sleeping and in deep meditation. Here we can dream and explore our consciousness in clear awareness. We can unite with our subconscious in deepest love. We do not need a subject or object. It is important to call forth and feel the love within. By aligning with its vibrations, we unite with it in the dimension of the creation and enhancement of all life.

This is the infinite source of our intuitive knowing. As we begin to realize its presence within, we can realign the entire energetic structure of our personal consciousness. The secrets held within the subconscious reveal themselves to our awareness for our acceptance and our gratitude for the range of experiences and wisdom they have given us. With these realizations, we are released from our limiting beliefs about ourselves and can enter into a greater spectrum of awareness, in which the world of humanity consists of a telepathic union of awareness and acceptance of empirical reality within defined limits of consciousness. In this world, there is no belief that a realm of unconditional love can exist for us. The ego’s fears are very deep, and it sees love as being vulnerable to predation. This is its limitation, which it cannot go beyond.

Our expanded consciousness comes into our realization through our intuition. It is infinite in its knowing and feeling, and we have the ability to be aware of all of it. It contains infinite wisdom and compassion, and it is aligned with the awareness of our Creator in infinite love and joy. By aligning with these vibrations, we can experience this awareness. Energetic alignment is how we experience anything. Everything has consciousness, beginning with every subatomic entity. Everything expresses its essence by expressing electromagnetic waves of the kind of entity it is.

We have much to learn about the power of our consciousness. By our vibrational state of being, we create the kinds of energy and experiences that express our energy signature, which consists of our conscious and subconscious contents. In a theta wave state of being, we can align with the consciousness of anything and know everything about it and experience its state of being. By aligning ourselves to our presence of awareness apart from the body, we can disappear our physical presence. While in theta, if we can imagine living in a beautiful and athletic body, this is what we develop. By aligning with the consciousness of a wall, we can pass through it without molecular interference. When we are completely in resonance with something, we are united in vibratory quality. When we are in theta and aligned with our inner guidance in the heart of our Being, we have no limits to what we can do. This is how we can be aware within and beyond spacetime.

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15 nov 2023
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Superb! Very clear. Very helpful!! Thank you! 🦋🌼

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