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Fulfilling the Desires of Our Heart

We are designed to experience the energetic patterns that we align with in our state of being. Our alignment depends upon our personal beliefs about our capabilities and upon our predominant thought patterns and feelings about ourselves. All of this contributes to our personal realization of who we are, which creates our personal energetic signature that magnetically attracts energetic patterns that become our experiences. These are all logical extensions of quantum mechanics as well as spiritual metaphysics.

Because we have been programmed to believe that we are limited in many ways, we create those limitations in our experience. We live unfulfilled lives, believing that we have to work for money in order to survive, when actually we can create everything we could ever want by aligning ourselves with the wonders of creative living. This is a giant step from humanity’s current state of being, but it is possible.

In order to make this leap in consciousness, we have to loosen our grip on the reality that we have known, and we need to reorient ourselves. What we know as the world outside of our bodies and our bodies themselves, the empirical world that we believe is solid and material, is actually swirling patterns of energetic forces that our consciousness interprets as physical experience. It exists for us the way we believe it is, because of the way we recognize it and make it real through our conscious realization. Our entire experience exists within our own consciousness in alignment with the way we realize it. There is nothing solid beyond our own conscious awareness. We are the Creators of all of it through our own realization.

In practical terms, we are living in a pretend world that we all agree to participate in and make real for ourselves through our own energetic alignment with the way we think and feel about our participation. If we constantly imagine that the world is in chaos, and that people are starving and in need of shelter and everything necessary for a good life, we are creating the experience of living in that world. This is a personal choice on our part. To change our experience, we must change our imagination and our feelings about our experiences and our interactions.

By constantly intentionally feeling compassion for all and being in gratitude, we can open our realization to the reality of the inner knowing flowing through the heart of our Being. This is our connection with universal consciousness and the awareness of Creator consciousness. By aligning our imagination and feelings with this level of vibrations, we can create a life of unconditional love and fulfillment in every aspect of our lives. It may seem unrealistic to our ego-consciousness, but it is our reality.

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