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From Situational to Sensational Awareness

If we desire to expand our conscious awareness into mastery of this life, we must become the intentional directors of our mental and emotional processes. We must learn to direct our awareness beyond the body. We all do this when we daydream and at night, but we do not normally direct what’s happening in our dreams. We allow our subconscious mind to sort through the impressions that it has received through the vibrations of our state of being during our waking hours. It then brings up to us scenarios that resonate with the energy signature we have created for ourselves by our imaginings, loves and fears.

In the trance that we realize as our empirical reality, we have learned to believe that we have no power to direct our lives. We live subject to our destiny, which we have designed prior to incarnation, as well as our karmic and dharmic creations, which our subconscious uses to bring us our experiences. Our dreams occur beyond ego-consciousness. The ego must go to sleep in order for us to dream, and the conscious mind must open to awareness beyond time and space in order to transcend the energetic spectrum of the human trance, opening to greater awareness.

As fractals of universal consciousness, we have abilities that we have kept ourselves unaware of, through our limiting beliefs about ourselves. From within the vibratory limits of the world we have recognized as real, we cannot open our awareness to the beyond without fear of losing everything we have accumulated mentally and emotionally, because we know nothing about what may be beyond our realized experience. In the beginning it is an adventure in consciousness, learning ways of living that we have believed are not sustainable or even possible.

Our challenge is that in the realm of the divine, we have only infinity without energetic limits. It is beyond mathematics and all operations of human thought. There is only knowing about everything, and we are tasked with creating more unique experiences, as much as we can imagine. This is an aspect of our being that operates constantly in alignment with how we feel about ourselves. Everything is within our consciousness, manifesting for us as we recognize it and realize its reality, as quantum physics experiments with sub-atomic entities have confirmed. Every quantum part of our bodies is in essence a conscious being in resonance with the vibratory presence that we create with our mental and emotional processes.

Living in infinite love and joy, while knowing everything that is happening wherever we focus our attention, gives us deep understanding and compassion for all who believe they are deficient in any way. Once we free ourselves from our self-imposed limiting beliefs, we can have awareness beyond our imaginings. While living in control of all aspects of our lives, we can access the full power of our creative life-force in alignment with the vibrations of the heart of our Being. This is our connection with our infinite Self. In our essence we are beyond time and space and need nothing that we have or are here. There is beauty and intense joy that we can experience as reality beyond the human trance.

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