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Freeing Ourselves from Our Deepest Fears

In ways that keep us from expanding our conscious awareness, we have been restrained by our hidden beliefs that keep us locked within the empirical range of electromagnetic wave frequencies and polarities. We know that there are innumerable ways of understanding the nature of our reality and the range of vibrations beyond our physical senses. We have believed that beyond our physical senses we cannot be aware of any vibrations or sense of presence. The basis of this barrier to our awareness is our subconscious addiction to the vibrations of empiricism with the qualities of good and bad. By recognizing these energies in our attention, we make them real in our experiences. Our reality is an interaction between the wave patterns and our own awareness. Although we have the ability to interact with any of them, we have blinded ourselves to all energetic patterns beyond our physical senses by a fear of the unknown. This creates a belief in nothingness and causes discomfort in transcendence.


The unknown does not exist in ego-consciousness, except as a label, not as an experience. If we were to drop our guard, we have feared what might happen and how we could become prey for negative forces. This is the reason for a leap in consciousness to transcend the ego. We can keep realizing and questioning our limiting beliefs, so that we can accept them, be thankful for the experiences they have added to our realization, and then release ourselves from their boundaries.


In our imagination we can experience the resolution of personal negativity and the freedom and ecstasy that results. This process aligns our own energetic signature with a higher realm in a dimension where only positive energy is present. It does not change our empirical presence, but it changes the quality of our experiences. As we are able to live in constant gratitude and acceptance of everything, and desiring to enhance all life, we can fill our lives with greater vitality and joy.


This is a possible perspective for us. To make it real in our experience, we can practice doing it and find out what happens. We will have to confront powerful fear and doubt to be able to free ourselves from them. Eventually we have to confront our belief in mortality. Because this belief has kept us from realizing our presence beyond the body, it has stimulated fear of termination, and it is the source of all our fears. It is based on our intentional choice of not knowing what we deeply know in our own consciousness.


If we wish to become adventurers in consciousness, we have the choice of living with life-enhancing or life-diminishing, positively- or negatively-oriented perceptions. The result of these choices directs our presence of awareness toward more vitality or toward more depression. If we have had enough experience with negativity, we can choose to make the leap beyond fear and into unlimited acceptance and understanding. We can gain a transcendent perspective of great awareness of how life works and what it is really about. By following our inner knowing, we can become adept at creating the lives we love for ourselves and all of humanity. When we are in alignment with the consciousness of our Creator, we are grateful and accepting of our entire lives, which become fulfilling in every way.

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