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Freeing Ourselves from Limitation

Created in the consciousness of the Infinite One, we are fractals of infinite Being in our creative ability; however, in our current human form we have been unable to realize our true essence, unless we have dedicated our lives to inner mastery and have had access to the most enlightened teachings. Even then, it may take many lifetimes of intense practice. Yet, because of the great significance of this time in human history, we have chosen to manifest ourselves now in human form.

As Beings of pure conscious essence of awareness, we could not have the intense experiences that are possible for us as incarnated humans in this density. We would not be able to know fear and suffering, which have given us a deep understanding and feeling of compassion. In our quest for mastery of ourselves, we have been challenged to live in the light and love of our essential Being. We are learning to live in the chaos and turmoil of life on this planet, while developing and maintaining an intentional perspective of enhancing all life in every moment in our thoughts and feelings.

This can be our quest for mastery in this lifetime. By learning to control our focus of attention, we can choose to live in our greatest visions of ecstasy and beauty in every moment. We can choose to communicate with the heart of everyone we encounter and radiate love and joy to all. With the rising resonance of the Earth and our cosmic environment, it is becoming easier to live in love and compassion, even when facing negatively-oriented beings who want our life force.

We do not need to engage with negativity at any time. We can recognize the place of light in negative beings and engage with it. If we don’t recognize the light in them, and we need to engage with them, we just need to maintain our connection with positive energy in the confidence that ours is the real world. By holding this perspective, we allow our circumstances to be arranged in harmony with us. As we begin to flow with the creative intention of our Creator, our radiant energy creates miracles around and within us, transforming our lives and our environment.

All of this depends upon our ability to focus the energy of the heart of our Being and hold our focus on the love and freedom of our true Being. Because we have freedom to choose our perspective in life, we have the ability to align with any energetic patterns that we want to experience. By imagining and feeling that we are living in the energetic level of our preferred scenario and realizing that it is real, it becomes real for us. This is an intentional step in conquering our limiting beliefs, and it is possible for all of us. It is our realization that creates our reality, and it is part our greater Being.

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