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Free Will and Self-Suppression or Enhancement

Few of us realize the importance of our free will and the extent of our self-suppression. Because of our powerful creative ability, and the vastness of our consciousness, we have been able to form our bodies and personalities as we intended in the depths of our greater consciousness. Our ego-consciousness is a self-developed entity as an expression of how we feel about ourselves, and who we believe we are. All of this is internal. In every moment, we are creating our self-expression and our experiences by the vibratory qualities of our thoughts and feelings.

In order to have our human experiences, we have convinced ourselves through constant social and mental programming, that we are mortal animals, and that among billions of humans, we are personally insignificant. These beliefs confine our self-realization to our ego-consciousness. Identifying with our ego-self, we are enslaved to limited consciousness and living in a kind of trance, unaware of who we are in our greater Self. We believe that we are subject to forces outside of our own essence. We believe that we must resist and defeat negative, destructive forces by engaging with them and sharing the same vibratory levels with them. Because we are aligning with the vibratory quality that we are resisting, this is self-defeating.

We cannot transform negative energy with negative energy, even if we believe that we are being positive by fighting evil. From within a dark, negative dimension, we cannot find light, unless we seek its higher vibrations in gratitude and joy. Then our awareness opens to it as our reality. The qualities of our experiences brighten with more understanding of the magnitude of our essence. What is important is the consciousness that is either life-enhancing or life-diminishing for all life. Which one we align our thoughts and feelings with is our free-will choice. The result of living in the vibrations that we choose to resonate with are either well-being, joyful and fulfilling, or fearful, angry and depressive.

Nothing happens to us outside of our own consciousness. We are the creators, just by the way we are, by our vibratory frequency and polarity. Our perspective in every moment creates the qualities of our experiences. When we can realize that everything is an expression of consciousness, which is the essence of everything, our awareness can open to greater understanding. We have awareness of as much of universal consciousness as we allow ourselves. It is completely our choice. When we have a strong intention to align with our heart-consciousness, and to open our awareness to our intuition, we transform our lives and no longer experience negativity or dependence on anything outside of our inner knowing.

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