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Fractals of the Infinite One

Let’s examine what it means to be a fractal. The earliest reference was in Indra’s Net in the Athara Veda about 3,000 years ago. This was an infinitely large and complex design embodying the interrelated connections of all beings in repeating relations of mathematical precision, keeping everything in an energetic balance. Each node of the net contains a jewel that reflects all of the others. Indra’s Net consists of fractals, each of which consists of fractals, which consist of fractals, all comprising an entire cosmos, with each jewel being a clear transmitter and reflector of its unique energy in resonance with all the others.

We are not just humans. We are the jewels in Indra’s Net. We receive our connection with the infinite through the conscious life force that constantly enlivens us through the connection of our heart. We then modulate that energy with our thoughts and feelings, forming our unique energetic signature, which we radiate into the quantum field. In Indra’s Net, the quantum field is symbolized by the spaces between the strands of the net.

MC Escher’s graphic designs are a great example of how fractals appear and interrelate mathematically. This is how energetic patterns change and evolve with our awareness. Beyond the visual, fractals embody an essence that is shared by all and is part of the consciousness creating everything. By nature we are radiant, self-luminous jewels of many facets. Any doubt of our identity as divine Beings can be replaced by our greatest gratitude and joy in order to realize our connection to the Creator of all.

The Creator creates fractals of Self. That’s who we are in our creative essence. We have chosen to be beggars, but we are actually masters who may not yet realize it. We have the ability to choose whom we believe we are at every moment. We just have to convince ourselves to drop our limitations. Our free will goes much deeper than is generally imagined, because it has been enslaved within our ego consciousness by our attachments, doubts and fears.

We can free our free will to be true to our fractalized creative nature by changing our polarity to positive and staying so. The qualities of our true Self are the same as the qualities of the Creator. This level of conscious vibrations is inherent in nature and the Earth herself. By aligning ourselves with the consciousness of our planet, we can open ourselves to our heart energy and our intuitive knowing, while clearing our vibrance as the jewels in Indra’s Net.

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