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Following Our Inner Light

On the inward journey, we may face many difficult obstacles in freeing ourselves from fear of transcending ego consciousness beyond the body. When we want to know our true Self and realize who we are, our search can be within ourselves to what we truly know without knowing how we know. We can realize our own essence beyond time/space. We can be aware of ourselves as our presence of awareness with creative mental and emotional abilities. We can authoritatively control these abilities in alignment with the feelings that come from our heart. As we live in awareness of these vibrations, we can be confident in this kind of knowing beyond ego-consciousness and expect that our outer lives will come into resonant alignment with our inner knowing.

Everything that happens in our lives results from our mental and emotional creations. We express vibrationally what we feel and think about. This is how we’re designed. The vibrations that we express are our personal energetic signature. The resonance of our energies attracts situations and people that are compatible with our mental and emotional states.

We can learn to keep ourselves in alignment with the positive, high vibrations of our intuition and inner knowing. By changing our attention from thoughts and feelings tinged with fear to their transformation in joy, we change our condition and experiences.

What holds us in the realm of duality is fear in all the forms of its energetic spectrum. Fear can be neutralized by realizing our essence beyond the body. The threat of leaving the body is meaningless. We leave our body-consciousness all the time in day-dreaming, night-time dreaming and perhaps being aware within of not being anywhere. Being in the body is a virtual experience that we have perfected as reality. In its essence the physical world consists of electromagnetic wave-bands of frequencies that we align with in our consciousness, interpreting the polarity and vibrations as stimulation of our senses and seeming to be solids, liquids and gasses.

By reacting to negative encounters with compassionate understanding and intentional awareness of the light within everyone and everything, we transform our situations into experiences of gratitude and joy. This is our natural state of Being, when we have resolved and transcended our limiting beliefs about ourselves. Our heart guides us to think and feel unconditional love as our natural state of Being, along with beautiful visions how we want to live. By imagining living in the consciousness that expresses these energies, we create their reality for ourselves by realizing what they are.

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