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Finding Ourselves Within

As fractals of universal consciousness, we already know everything that can be known, and we can expand our knowing through our imagination and innate genius. Only limiting beliefs can keep us from realizing this. We can form and maintain our physical bodies however we desire. If we wish, we can realize that our bodies are immortal and filled with vitality and miraculous abilities. Only our limiting beliefs about ourselves can keep us from this realization, and can allow for degradation and mortality.

Because we have formed our ego-consciousness in fear of negativity, it cannot understand higher guidance. Ego has no clue that our limiting beliefs about ourselves are based in unreality. Fear has no reality other that what we give it. We create it for ourselves in response to negative vibrations, which we can choose to engage with in fear, or we can realize that we have the ability to transform or dissolve them from our experience. Fear of negativity is an experiential memory, but is not present in expanded consciousness. When we are resonating with heart-consciousness, and where all energy is life-enhancing and fulfilling in every way, the life-diminishing energy of negativity has no reality for us.

In our game of human experience in the world of empirical duality, we have free will to do whatever we choose with our consciousness. We have infinite abilities beyond time and space. To realize this, we can keep penetrating our consciousness in deep meditation, by which we can open our realization to greater awareness of our essence. This can also happen in out-of-body experiences of physical death or in deeply-penetrating psychoactive experiences. For most of us though, finding a method of meditation that we’re comfortable with, and that enables us to open our awareness within our heart-consciousness, is our natural path to knowing our infinite Being.

Listening to inspiring music and wandering in nature, listening to the silence, the birdsong and the angels of the air, can help us adjust to a meditative mode. All of nature resonates with our heart-consciousness. We can feel it deeply as expressive vitality and majesty. In deep gratitude and joy, we can realize the essence of ourselves in our infinite presence of awareness, choosing to express ourselves as our human persons, whom we can direct from within our heart-consciousness, transforming our lives and unlocking our innate genius and creative ability.

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