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Finding Our Inner Truth

What we recognize as the reality of human life is actually a play in consciousness that we have all agreed to participate in. We have the ability to change our entire situation at any time. Although we have a script that we follow and certain experiences that we have agreed to participate in for the enhancement of our character, we have great freedom of choice in what transpires in our own being and how this influences our experiences. We are created to magnify the experience of our Creator, Who lives through us in the complete spectrum of our energies.

Although in our lives, as we have known them, we have been unaware of the divine presence within us, we can awaken to our true essence, whenever we are ready. The entire drama that unfolds around us is only a distraction that keeps us occupied, so that we cannot realize who we really are. We have learned to subject ourselves to believing that we are separate individuals apart from the Source of our life. If we seriously think about this situation, it becomes obvious that it is impossible. How can we be alive and be separate from the source of our life?

Our challenge is to find the divine presence within ourselves. If we search for the part of us that is the most life-enhancing, we come to the energy symbolized and embodied in our heart, which lives entirely to benefit us, regardless of what we do to it. It is the most powerful organ in our body by far, and it has its own consciousness that we can be aware of and align with. Our heart has a greater consciousness than our brain, which is the seat of our ego-consciousness. Our heart is filled with the presence of the Creator, and it constantly offers guidance in a non-intrusive way for our fulfillment and greatest love.

For the greatest experience in duality, we have been entirely entranced by our ego-self, which is aggressively eager for control over our life. We have not recognized the guidance of our heart, which we know as our intuition. Our intuition is unlimited in its consciousness, and we can align with it by realizing its positive polarity and high vibratory level. It is completely positive and life-enhancing in every way. Unless we align with its energy, we cannot be aware of it. We must be open and receptive to love in the highest and most refined way and ready to be true to its guidance.

By realizing the presence of the divine within us, we can transform our lives. No longer are we subject to karma and negativity. When we are stuck in the limitations of ego-consciousness, we cannot experience these higher energies and do not even recognize that they are possible. We can open ourselves to the wonders of great love and joy and the presence of miracles, and we can realize the great Being of Light within ourselves.

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