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Finding Our Inner Light

We are taught by enlightened Ones that our divine Being is within us. The light of our Creator is within us. It is the source of all of the photons that we radiate through our aura, and the life force empowering our conscious energy signature. The challenge for awakening ones is how to access this awareness, if we are searching for it.

We have trained ourselves and formed strong beliefs about the boundaries of reality. We have become reliant on our physical senses and restrictive on our higher emotions and intuition. If we have a perspective of fear of any kind, true exploration of consciousness is not possible. We have been fearful of the unknown, including physical death and death or transformation of the ego. The ego can be released from its self-appointed role as sole guide in our human experience. The ego does not know higher guidance. It just uses its limited awareness to stay alive and live with minimal stress.

When significantly threatened, the ego becomes frantic and fills our awareness. We could easily lose our perspective and drop into fear. These fears are false, when understood from a perspective of love and compassion. Fear is a low-vibration energy, and it feels uncomfortable or worse.

To resolve all fears as they appear in our awareness, we can assume the perspective of eternal Being with infinite creative power. This is a major leap in consciousness to a high-vibration perspective. It feels confident, knowing that all of our vibrations are constantly attracting resonant energy patterns in the quantum field for our experiencing. If we can stay in high vibrations, our life experiences align with this energy. This requires our focus on the energy of our heart. This is where our life force flows through us in unconditional love out of the consciousness of the Creator. It is our inner light, which we can become aware of primarily through our feelings. It is the source of our joy and love and all high-vibratory emotions. We can feel this vibratory spectrum in moments of ecstatic joy and wonder. Those are wonderful feelings to stay with. They attract more of themselves.

If we’re searching for our inner guidance, there are many ways of becoming aware of it. Our vigilance is needed as we go through life. It is all a metaphor, with many suggestions toward higher consciousness. It can be helpful to align with the energy vibrations of the Earth in natural, wild places. Inspiring music, advanced yoga, deep and rhythmic breathing, Tai Chi and many other techniques can be used to calm our ego and relieve it of its stress. Then we can become aware of our intuitive guidance.

From a higher perspective threats are not possible, because we know that we are eternal, Self-Realized Beings with unlimited abilities. We can live in a world that vibrates in a high-frequency spectrum of energy patterns, which we have a natural magnetic attraction to align with. This is the direction that nature is moving us toward.

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