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Facing Our Destiny as the New Humans

We are evolving into a complete change in our way of living, and we are being directed to pay attention to our inner knowing. Everything outside of ourselves is becoming unstable and challenging, and as we move forward, this will intensify. The old controllers of our world are disappearing. All of our governing institutions are dying, and our societies are experiencing rising chaos, shortages of everything, and political insanity. This is getting more intense.

We are experiencing the turning of the ages, and the old energetic patterns are dissolving as the new expressions of a higher vibratory life come into our human experience. The more we hang onto the old ways of depending on sustenance and support from outside of our own being, the more uncomfortable we will become.

This is a time to learn how to understand life beyond our ego-consciousness. We are being challenged to seek higher guidance within our own Being. The transition from the old ways to the new may be rocky for many, and the more we resist, the more we will suffer. There is no place to hide. The galactic energies are penetrating everywhere. We will have to rebuild human life on this planet from within our intuitive knowing.

Once we realize what is happening, we can begin to align ourselves with higher vibrations of compassion and love. These are the energies of the new world. In this perspective, we can open ourselves to what we truly know about our life. There is unconditional love and abundance for all, if we are open to it and confident in receiving it. Without doubt or fear, we can change our perspective to being only positive.

Even though we may not have realized it, we are the masters of creating our life experiences in every moment. By our state of being in our thoughts and feelings, we attract the compatible energetics that become our experiences. If we have not learned this, we are entering the process of being required to. We can learn to clear ourselves of attachment to any eventuality or limitation and open ourselves to the truth of our Being, which we can know in the intuitive energy of our heart.

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