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Facing Death with an Enlightened Perspective

When we know we’re about to change our presence in an energetic density from empirical duality to complete freedom in every way, it’s as if the set in the play that we’ve been acting in is changing, and we’re beginning to participate in a whole new act. We’re being invited to let go of all attachments of every kind, because we don’t need them anymore. We have the ability to influence our destiny just with the way we are. How we think and what we feel determine our energetic presence and attract resonating energies.


What kind of situation we’re in is of no importance. What is important is our attitude and perspective. If we can maintain the energetic level of gratitude, love and joy, we move ourselves out of the dramatic challenges of duality and into a presence of fulfillment. In this realm, challenges do not exist, because there is no fear. Since we are the directors of our scene, we can create any scenario we want. We do not need limitations. We are our own eternal presence of awareness beyond spacetime.


With no physical presence, our awareness expands as far as we want to go. There are no limits. Guided by our deepest knowing and feeling, we can enter an environment of great joy, compassion and love. We can feel the freedom of expanded awareness. If we practice this, we can feel confident and open in the face of physical death. It is our transition from one act to another in a different play.


The changing of the eras is like this as well. We are moving into a dimension without negativity. The more positive we can be, the easier our life becomes emotionally, and the more fulfilled we feel. Knowing that our intuition is part of infinite consciousness, we’re able to act freely in whatever way we feel guided. We are not just individuals, we are intimately connected in consciousness with every entity in existence, and we know how to read the energies around us. We can pay attention to the ones we love the most in every moment.


Our entire lives are occurring within the consciousness of humanity, and we participate as much as we desire or feel responsible to. Our human person is a physical expression of our presence of awareness beyond spacetime. In the moment between waking and sleeping, we can experience this awareness. It is like dying physically for a while. During this experience, all attachments in our lives disappear, and we begin to direct our participation in lucid dreaming.

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Mahalo nui loa. This is likely the 'REAL' reason people 'fall' asleep easily, or not. 😁

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