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Facing and Resolving our Personal Challenges

We are created to be sovereign and free, eternal creators of experiences of unconditional love and joy, but we decided to limit ourselves in order to experience conditions that were unavailable to us in our true Selves. To make our experiences in empirical duality believable and meaningful, we had to blind ourselves to our true nature. We had to believe that we are mortal and fearful and can travel the path of self-diminishment and apparent self-destruction. Without knowing the process of transformation that we went through in our incarnation and that we can reverse, we have been doing our best to avoid the results of our attention and alignment with negativity. We haven’t even imagined that we are the creators of all of our life experiences.

We can take our blinders off and open our awareness beyond the reality of negativity. Because we have allowed ourselves to be trained to believe in the reality of fear and death, we experience the results of those limiting beliefs in suffering and physical death. By changing our attention from negative thoughts and experiences, to positive scenarios filled with life-enhancing energies, we elevate our awareness to what we love. When we do this, we create the experiences of a greater reality beyond negativity. It can give us an understanding beyond our drama in time/space, opening ourselves to our infinite presence of awareness.

For our possible understanding of human life as one of many expressions of who we are in different energetic dimensions in our present awareness, we can use our power of intentional choice to create mastery in our realization of empirical reality. We create what we believe is real. We can intentionally change our realization, which draws our experience into resonance with our psyche. Through our realization of what is real, we can change, intensify, minimize or transform our roles as human actors.

Our Self-Realization depends upon our openness to our heart-consciousness and our willingness to transform our lives. If we are intentionally open to expanding our Self-Awareness, we can begin with imagining an experience that is a little beyond our current reality, but that we can believe is possible for us. By intentionally choosing in complete confidence to believe that it is real in our experience, we create its energetic quality, attracting resonating energetic patterns to manifest in our experience. Once this happens, we can go for something more challenging, until we absolutely know our inner guidance and our eternal present awareness beyond ego-consciousness.

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