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Exploring Our Innate Motivations

Exploring Our Innate Motivations

Our inner motivation arises from our innate being. Because our innate self matches its vibrations to our conscious awareness, we feel motivated to think about and do things that match the vibrations of our awareness. If we intentionally take our vibrations beyond our prior experience, our innate being adjusts the vibrations in our body and our environment to match our new way of being. There is a strong connection in our innate self to the energy of the heart of our Being. Because we are innately part of universal consciousness within the quantum field, our realization is being drawn to a higher realm, and we can invite our innate, our subconscious self to help us align with the consciousness of the Creator. It already is our consciousness. We live in the consciousness of the Creator, but we have been aware of only a compartment of it.

As we can begin to imagine experiences beyond duality, we must be willing to transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves. Our consciousness envelops everything and is ever expanding. Only our limitations keep us from realizing the extent of our consciousness. We need our limitations to be human in the realm of duality in order to continue to create it, but we do not have to limit our awareness to this realm. We are multidimensional, and innately we have unlimited awareness.

On the way to realizing our truth, we learn to experience more extreme energy patterns. As we regain our life force from supporting vibrational negativity, our experiences become more intense, as we enter a realm of greater love and joy. This path lies beyond personal drama and clinging onto our accustomed beliefs. If this is our path, we are being urged to be present in clear awareness, regardless of what happens. When we are aligned with our intuitive knowing, we are innately supported in every way. We just have to realize this and be in the moment. In every moment we can be aware of our larger situation, and accept everything that we personally experience with gratitude and compassion for ourselves. We are learning to expand our awareness into a realm of unconditional love.

Once we can realize what unconditional love really is, we can also know the extent of our consciousness and our creative abilities. There is nothing beyond our ability to recognize and make real in our experience. We hold the entire cosmos of universes and galaxies in our consciousness, right down to every subatomic entity. This is what we can open our realization to. And there is more. Beyond form and substance, there is infinite awareness. Beyond duality, there is a realm of love and joyous adventure. We are creating it by beginning to realize it in our imagination. Through our innate being, we share our energy in personal radiance with everyone we encounter. This form of enlightenment is living our lives from a higher-vibratory and positive perspective. Our motivations will naturally be in alignment with expanding awareness of life-enhancing energetics.

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