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Exploring Our Identity

We are our true Being with the human additions of personal limitations. Without the limitations, we are our eternal present awareness without limits, our expanded conscious awareness beyond the empirical realm of duality. Without personal, limiting beliefs, the ego disappears. We have created our limited human persons, but our true awareness and creative ability are far greater. We are designed to create all of our experiences through our modulation of energetics with the vibrations of our thoughts and feelings. Every personal belief has a vibration that binds us to it by its polarity and vibratory pattern. Whenever we want to expand our awareness into living in a kind and beautiful realm, our beliefs may allow only a split-second flash of its vibratory level, before it’s dialed back for our conscious awareness.

The ego-consciousness cannot imagine the wonders of a higher dimension in awareness beyond time and space, but we can know its energy intuitively, if we are open and receptive to it. It is who we truly are as the creators of our human persons seeking certain experiences. We control the quality of energetics in our awareness by our attention, polarity alignment and resonance. How we feel and what we think about are our experience creators.

By intentionally being thankful and kind-hearted to all beings, we can align with the process of expanding our awareness. We can intentionally be completely positive in every moment. This is a multi-dimensional move on our part and involves our subconscious innate being. We must come into alignment with our subconscious self by being compassionate and understanding with ourselves, and by being open and receptive to realizing unconditional love.

Once we leave the realm of doubt and fear, everything becomes possible, because we do not uncreate our creations with our doubt. We can leave the realm of duality by aligning with the energetic level of being positive, compassionate and loving as much as possible and ultimately in every moment. Circumstances arrange themselves to resonate with our level of vibration.

Because we are enlivened eternally by our consciously creative life force, we are learning to use our abilities wisely. Everything we feel, think about and do can be life-enhancing all around and within us. As we train ourselves to live in positive vibrations, we find that we can be trustworthy to ourselves, accepting every situation with gratitude and openness, expecting in complete confidence an experience of joy, love, abundance and freedom.

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