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Exploring beyond Ego-Consciousness

The energies of nature have transcended those of humanity and are now vibrating at a frequency beyond polarity, where there is only truth and enhancement of life. This must be our direction as well. When we are able to move beyond the limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can have gratitude, compassion, joy and love. Every moment can be fulfilling.

Our limiting beliefs are like programs that we have designed to be unbreakable. When we are children and completely open to absorbing everything around us, we develop beliefs in alignment with our society. If we thoroughly examine a limiting belief down to its core basis, we can neutralize it. All limiting beliefs are based on fear of the unknown. Although we live in an energetic plasma of consciousness with infinite potentialities, only a small spectrum of vibrations come into our awareness, because everything is filtered through our beliefs about ourselves.

Within the consciousness of humanity, there is widespread belief in mortality. This is due to fear of the unknown beyond what appears as death and terminal consciousness. Our ego-consciousness is unaware of what is beyond the dualistic empirical world. It does not know that its personal essence is eternal, nor understand the meaning of its experiences. Our intuitive knowing is waiting for us to open our awareness to realms beyond duality. This fear of the unknown has no basis. We have to imagine our termination. Because everyone else imagines the same thing, we have deeply accepted our limitations as truth. But they are all imaginary, and they keep us from knowing what is really true.

Transcending our limitations requires being open to life-enhancing thoughts and emotions in every moment. Having no fear, penetrating deeper into our consciousness to our innate intuition, we can be free of stress about survival. We can be receptive to our intuitive knowing and deeply understand our motivations. Releasing all fear requires realizing our presence of awareness beyond time/space. All we need is a millisecond awareness of our essence, and we can be carried into timelessness and awareness beyond form, before we return to ego-consciousness. Once we have this experience, we can intentionally return to it. It’s no longer unknown.

When we are open and receptive in confident alignment with our intuition, we can make the leap in consciousness beyond the dualistic empirical world, transcending the limitations of ego-consciousness. With openness and receptivity to our intuition, we can be constantly aware of our entire situation and can know the hidden meanings in our experiences for our creative stimulation and expression.

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