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Experiencing a State of Knowing

Our subconscious mind has a strong connection with our heart-consciousness. When we come into alignment with our heart-consciousness, we also do so with our subconscious. As our conscious servant in every moment, its treasure is ours to claim in alignment with our heart. Our subconscious directs our body consciousness to express the vibratory qualities of our predominant thoughts and feelings through the cells of our body. Our subconscious doesn’t understand us, since it has only deductive reasoning, but it records our vibrations and radiates our personal energy signature within and all around us, attracting resonating vibratory patterns.

When we align with negativity or positivity, it is reflected back to us as a symbolic message that is either stressful or enjoyable, and in some way we experience it. It may be of a different form than we imagined, but it has the same feeling. Since we can direct our emotions and thoughts, we can direct the polarity and frequency of our own vibrations. We can begin by learning to just be present without focus, until called upon. In its anxiety, our ego-consciousness keeps streaming scenarios through our awareness. We can just let them pass without our interest and alignment. Eventually, when we begin to follow our inner guidance in the consciousness of our heart, we can have inner silence. This this is when our subconscious pays attention to our direction and brings us into alignment with our deeper Self, while calming our ego-consciousness, which becomes an observer.

As we understand thought, our subconscious does not think. It is aware of our mental and emotional energetics and knows how we feel about ourselves always. We imprint our subconscious with our vibrations, expressing our creative energy through the cells of our body as well as in the electromagnetic plasma around us.

Not needing thought, our process of knowing happens in our awareness and realization. In the dualistic world of humanity, we have restricted ourselves to limited awareness and realization. There are many techniques that we can use in learning to be our present awareness. Free of internal chatter and drama, we can have clear perception and knowing. The feelings that come with inner knowing are gratitude and joy, expanding into great understanding. By aligning ourselves with these energies, we open our awareness to our inner knowing. Once we recognize what it is, it can be indelible in our awareness. We can become free to be our true, infinite Selves, while transforming our human lives into experiences of gratitude, joy, compassion, abundance, freedom and whatever we truly want for ourselves and all of humanity.

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