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Expanding the Presence of Our Awareness

By resolving our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we enable ourselves to be pure present awareness. Without limitations, we have no random thoughts or any anxiety, and we can lovingly allow our ego-consciousness to relax and be silent until called upon. Our free-will-creative ability enables us to live in abundance and freedom. We are free to be loving and understanding in all encounters, even encounters with psychopaths. How we react to others is important to us only because we are constantly creative. The polarity and frequency of energy that we pay attention to is the quality that we are bringing into manifestation in our own experience. It makes no difference if we are welcoming or resisting any energetic patterns. It makes no difference how intelligent or clever or simple we may be in our ego consciousness. We are creating a level of vibration with our attention and how we feel about ourselves. This is what we are expressing in our energy signature. It radiates into the quantum field and attracts resonant energy patterns into our experience.

The more complete we are in being clear, the more open and vibrant our lives become. We can be completely Self-responsible, needing nothing outside of our own creative ability. We become part of cosmic life-enhancement in universal consciousness. We can release our attachments to personal limitations, and we do not need to feel that we own anything. We are free to enjoy and use everything that has come into our lives, but it may leave our presence at any time, to be replaced by something more in alignment with our current state of being. We grow in and out of things and relationships throughout our lives, all dependent on our vibratory level.

There is no one to blame for anything. All of life is a play of energies that arrange their presence in our lives according to our recognition and attention. By paying attention to the energies of our heart and our intuitive receptivity, we can know in every moment everything we want to be aware of. We can be completely without fear, knowing that we are eternally present in infinite awareness. We do not need to think about the past or the future. In every moment we can just be present and aware, always knowing and understanding everything relevant, while we are vibrating at the level of gratitude and compassion.

Our destiny is our own to choose. We constantly choose the polarity and vibratory level of our attention. By being clear and present, we open our awareness to our natural essence. We can become aware of the depth of our Being, our infinite consciousness and creative ability. As we elevate and expand our awareness, we become the masters of the dimension that we inhabit.

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