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Expanding Our Species Consciousness

Since we are born without Self-knowledge, we must develop some kind of perspective to understand our situation. Each of us has our own unique way of understanding our experiences in life. Our free will provides us with the opportunity of having whatever kind of experiences we believe are appropriate for us. Developed and acquired over our lifetime, our beliefs are filters that we use to make sense of our experiences. We choose our beliefs, and they provide our realization of what is real for us in our experience.

It is the nature of our beliefs to provide the limitations that define our character in the world that we share with humanity. They are our ego-consciousness, and they circumscribe our awareness. As we accumulate our life experiences, we eventually feel compelled to transcend the limitations of our ego-consciousness. We can feel an inner drive to realize a greater identity and Self-expression. We want to enjoy personal fulfillment and freedom from the constraints that we have imposed upon ourselves.

Pursuing our own path to Self-Realization, and the choices we make for our experiences, we are no better or worse than any others. Because we are all unique, we all contribute to the creative multitude of human experience. In our intuitive and telepathic abilities, we all share in the experiences of our entire species. For our full realization of this, we must learn to accept the character, intent and actions of everyone, those who enhance as well as those who diminish and destroy life. All contribute to the balance of the whole. The only difference between us is the quality of experience that our choices create for us personally, and how they make us feel about ourselves.

Created and fashioned by the polarity and vibratory frequency of our predominant thought and emotional patterns, our state of being determines the quality of our own experiences. It establishes our personal energetic signature, which attracts resonant vibrations into our experience. It is irrelevant what conditions we may be involved in or what is happening around us. The only significant aspect of life for our own experience is our state of being and what we believe about ourselves.

If we choose to release judgment about others and just accept them as contributing in their own way to the totality of human experience, we can begin to transcend our limited beliefs about ourselves and open ourselves to greater clarity of what is possible for us. This expands our awareness and opens our realization to greater inner knowing of the truth of our Being.

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