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Expanding Our Self-Awareness

As we may desire to open ourselves more and more to the energetics that bring us joy and gratitude, we can pay attention to feeling greater love in our experiences. As we imagine living in loving and joyful experiences and feeling what it’s like, we can reach a point of knowing that it’s true. That’s when we experience it physically. In a higher dimension, we experience the same feelings more clearly and intensely without the limitations of the third density of empirical energies. Our experiences are created by our realization of their reality.

We can create realizations in our awareness with our imagination and emotions. With practice, we can gain the confidence of knowing that what we want to create for greater beauty and more enhancement of life always manifests experiences on that level. It happens because we know that it does. We attract the patterns of energy that align with our polarity and vibratory resonance. This is the energy that we express by our state of being, how we think and feel about ourselves on every level.

Human life on Earth for us now is about opening ourselves to our higher guidance and being sensitive enough to it to be able to live in its energy field. Within ourselves we have a direct connection in universal consciousness. This is how we know what is true always. As we open ourselves to our higher guidance within our own awareness, we can become more aware of what we actually do know, beyond our limited beliefs about ourselves.

When our heart is pure in our intention to expand our awareness and deepen our consciousness, we can transcend our limiting beliefs, because their basis in fear becomes obvious, and we no longer have fear, because we can choose to be completely positive. Fear-tinged experiences can no longer happen, because their polarity is negative. This level of energetics cannot interact with positive mental and emotional vibrations, as long as we do not realign with the negative through doubt or fear. If we can stay in the radiance of the heart of our Being in the enhancement of all life, we always know how to be and how to think and feel. We can learn to use our minds and emotions creatively in every moment.

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