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Expanding Our Expectations

In the quest for expanded consciousness, we can imagine the most glorious life experiences that we may be capable of accepting. Once we have cleared ourselves of incursions of negative alignment, we become unlimited in our presence of awareness. We can be aligned with loving intent in all encounters, realizing that we are all aspects of One Being with infinite creative power, which is available to us, when we have become mentally and emotionally clear and finely attuned to our intuition. By deciding to let go of our attachments to limitation, we can resolve our false, limiting beliefs about ourselves.

The resolution of our belief in limited, temporal consciousness can occur in various ways. We can search for deep memories of former incarnations in various dimensions, as well as physically- and hypnotically-conscious, out of body experiences. When we decide to move beyond duality and embrace only positive energies, the energetics transform our lives, and we can begin to live in gratitude, love and joy in our state of being and in our encounters.

When we can recognize the limitations of our ego-consciousness, we can resolve them by focused intent with compassion and understanding. We can be thankful that our ego-conscious-self brought our awareness to this moment without higher guidance. Ego does not recognize intuitive knowing, resulting in constant stress, frustration, anger and fear. All of this can be resolved by changing polarity to only positive. Here there is only success, because there is no other option, without returning to duality.

With practice, we can learn to be only positive. By confronting negative beliefs with intuitive knowing, we can train our subconscious to be only positive. Since our entire body is controlled by our subconscious, complete positivity can even result in regeneration of our body. Without our belief in their reality, negative beliefs have no conscious life force supporting them, and they dissolve out of our experience. Thus, we become capable of accepting more wonderful encounters. The realization of expanded awareness is something we achieve by just being present, without attachments, in the moment.

This entire process of realizing the truth about our unlimited Selves, is an individual and intentional endeavor. It’s different for everyone. In my writings, I’m just describing my process and what’s happening in my awareness. I write in the plural, because we’re all the same Being. Because of our telepathic connections, what works for one, potentially works for others.

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