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Expanding Our Consciousness

We initially chose to have the Earth human experience in order to know how the vibrations feel in this spectrum of energetics. We became entranced and developed beliefs that restrict our awareness to living in duality, allowing us to experience all kinds of fear. With our limiting beliefs, we formed our egos, and they keep us from being able to realize our true, expansive Self. If we want to resolve this situation, we can develop sensitivity to our heart’s intuition. It constantly guides us to feel ourselves being present in a field of support for all aspects of our lives. These energies are directed to create the kinds of experiences that we recognize and believe are real. This is purely a psychological process that manifests as physical.

When we open ourselves to the positive energy of our heart, we can align with our intuitive knowing. Its guidance is always life-enhancing in the direction we desire to go in our deepest Self. It is the conscious presence of the Creator, providing our conscious vitality for us to use as we choose. While we explore and experience different levels of vibrations in our encounters and within, we are living a realm of duality, predominantly based in fear.

In the perspective based in fear, we are always in need of something, because we believe our sustenance is outside of ourselves. In feeling limited, we have been receptive only to some of the life force we receive through the heart of our Being. By aligning with the energetic level of love and gratitude, we can open ourselves to awareness of our eternal, unlimited presence. This awareness is being supported by the shift in the Spirit of Earth to positive with rising resonant frequencies. We can best feel these when we are alone in nature, especially in beautiful and majestic places.

The ego uses our life force to keep us imprisoned within the compartmentalized consciousness of the human world. Staying within these limits of awareness is our choice, and we can be adventurers in consciousness. A good place to begin is with deep, rhythmic breathing and then sitting comfortably while practicing just being present awareness. We can explore different meditative techniques, until we expand beyond time and space.

We can choose to be only positive and compassionate always, even in the face of strong negativity, and we transform our lives completely. All aspects of our lives become rich and vibrant, manifested as a result of the vibratory resonance of our state of being. We do this be staying positive always, with deep understanding through the higher guidance that we come to know in the presence of the Master within ourselves.

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