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Expanding into Greater Realization

As we go about our lives, we can be inspired to realize greater truth about ourselves. We have the ability to fill ourselves with gratitude and joy in every moment. By doing this we vibrate at a frequency that transcends our self-imposed limiting beliefs about ourselves, and we enter a dimension of oneness with one another in compassion and understanding beyond ego-consciousness. All around us the energies of life-enhancement are increasingly supportive of our appreciation and alignment with our heart-consciousness.

We are being invited to expand our awareness to the deepest knowing and feeling arising in us within universal consciousness, as it provides the essence of our Being. By identifying with the grandest, most loving and joyful feelings, we come into resonance with our heart-consciousness and our inner knowing. Intuitively we come to know the feeling of infinite love and deep connection with everyone, as we become aware of our species consciousness. We all arise within universal consciousness as the same etheric fractals with free will to create ourselves however we desire, beginning prior to our incarnation, according to the kinds of experiences we plan to have and the qualities of our relationships. It all happens on an energetic level and comes into our awareness in the vibratory patterns of the empirical world.

We have formed limiting beliefs in order to enhance the reality of our human experiences, which we could not seriously have, when we are aware of our infinite, eternal consciousness. We have the ability to know our true Selves and our limited human selves, in which we can become aware of our inner light, and the radiance of everyone in our field of awareness. Although our physical forms become less meaningful for us, our bodies do become more beautiful and attractive. We have an energetic effect on our personal consciousness that grows in power and influence without personally-limiting beliefs.

In just living our lives, as we become more heart-centered, our energetic focus strengthens, and our attention becomes more powerful, resulting in faster and more intense creations. Our entire lives transform into expressions of love and joy. This process begins with our intentional alignment with the life-enhancing energies of our heart. The more we can feel and identify with heart energy, the more expansive our realization becomes, until we can realize our essence as infinite presence of awareness beyond space/time and including the entire cosmos and potentially beyond. We are the creators of all of it within universal consciousness. Creation happens through us. We create experiences, and we are doing so effortlessly in every moment now and always. As we open our awareness to higher qualities of life, we can use our powers of energetic modulation intentionally to enhance all life, including ours.

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