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Expanding Awareness of Greater Consciousness

As humanity advances technologically, we are becoming aware of electromagnetic frequencies extending into millions of cycles per second, far beyond the receptivity of our physical senses. By our awareness, this energy becomes real in our experience. We can assume that there are even greater frequencies beyond our current ability to measure. Perhaps we wonder what vibrations of trillions of cycles per second are like. The cycles of our conscious life force are even faster than that, and out to infinity. In the depth of our consciousness, we are aware of these vibrations. They exist beyond our limiting beliefs about ourselves, by which we bring our awareness down from infinity.

If we choose to transcend our limiting beliefs, and we are open to resolving them through our realization of their basis in fear, we can open ourselves to Self-Realization. We can know ourselves as our personal presence of awareness, beyond the physical world and into the eternal present moment.

As we expand our awareness through technology, we expand our realization beyond our former limitations. As an extension of human imagination, technology has inherent limits of its own, but it weakens our current belief in self-limitation and may lead us to wonder about infinity as a possibility for us. Our heart-consciousness knows about this. In our essence we are our eternal presence of awareness with freedom to create whatever we want to experience.

With our imaginative intention, we create our bodies and our experiences in the world of humanity. We are constantly interacting with energies that we aren’t aware of, but hidden aspects of our consciousness are aware of them, and they contribute to our creations. We can open our awareness to these subtle energies by imagining what higher vibrations feel like. When we become ecstatic enough, their reality comes into our awareness.

Always we are interacting with energies, which are expressions of consciousness. Our consciousness is our creative ability, and we utilize it through our attention and mental and emotional alignment, filtered through our beliefs. When we can be present in compassion, gratitude and joy, we can be aware of our heart-consciousness. As we live in these positive, life-enhancing energies, we transform our lives by realizing expanding awareness within infinite consciousness.

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