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Examining the World Within Our Consciousness

Opening ourselves to the subtle prompting of our heart-consciousness is the portal to expanded conscious awareness. This is the source of our essence arising within universal consciousness. It carries the vibratory expressions of Creator Consciousness, endowing us with conscious life-force and filling us with its vitality and infinite love. Without awareness of heart-consciousness, we cannot be aware of our source energy and our essential Being. We need to know what it feels like.

We all have intuition arising within our heart, and connecting us to the fullness of infinite consciousness. When we are able to align with these energetics, their qualities arise in us without limitation, and we become intentional creators of our entire lives, always knowing the most life-enhancing path in all interactions and visionary experiences. In this state of Being, we are completely free and sovereign, confident in creating fulfilling experiences of everything that is important and passionate for us.

Knowing intuitively requires a quiet mind and a calm emotional state, so that we are not distracted from our inner prompting in every moment. Our inner guidance isn’t usually verbal. It is symbolic and emotional in some way, and it is what we always deeply know in the immediate present moment. Once we have transcended our limiting beliefs about ourselves, our attention can go to scenarios that feel wonderful and life-enhancing. In this state of being, everyone is living in gratitude, joy and abundance without limit. This is how our creativity blossoms into manifesting our greatest love.

We are constantly creating the qualities of our experiences by our mental and emotional vibratory states. To the extent that we dwell in limitations, we suffer, grow feeble and die, at least in the dualistic, empirical world. Once we are free of physicality, we can more easily remember who we are as Source Beings. If we want out-of-body experiences, we can have them show us the truth of our essence, but we don’t need these experiences to become heart-conscious.

As we learn to be in gratitude and greater awareness, we gain transcendence and access to the infinite love and joy of universal consciousness. In our creative ability, we become able to change the vibrations within ourselves and in our energetic environment with our imagination and emotions in confidence and joy. We enter the realm of cause. Through our limitless love, we naturally manifest our heart’s desires in all of life and in every experience. This is the world we can create for ourselves and all of humanity now.

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