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Examining the Nature of the Human Matrix

For all who have remained entranced within the empirical human experience in duality, there are clues available that can enable us to realize our greater reality. Most poignant are the accounts of those who have died and returned to full consciousness. There are also those who meditate deeply and have reported their experiences beyond the limitations of human consciousness. Through experiments that anyone with sufficient technological capability can perform and achieve the same results, quantum physicists have contributed to our expanding awareness by finding that consciousness is everywhere in everything and in every entity. It is all the same consciousness, and we participate in it to the extent that we allow for ourselves.

Physicists have determined that everything arises from the expressions of consciousness. Consciousness is radiant with electromagnetic waves and wave patterns in infinite variety of vibrations. We have the ability to perceive the conscious interpretation of the wave patterns that we receive through our senses, as well as those that we receive through our pineal gland and intuitively through the vibrations in the heart of our Being, symbolized by our physical heart and being expressed by it. We have an inner life that is unlimited in universal consciousness, and that knows everything. It is our option to be aware of this, and this awareness comes as a result of following a strong intention to know our essence.

In analyzing the subtlety of the design of the dualistic empirical world of experience, we have found that in order to be aware of it, we must interact with and align with its electromagnetic polarity and vibratory frequency. This works through our imagination, enabling us to feel and imagine our experiences. When we recognize energetic expressions, we bring them into empirical experience for ourselves by realizing them to be real. These are all operations of consciousness. The focus of our awareness is a personal choice in every moment.

In our experiences we have largely been asleep at the wheel, not even aware of making choices of awareness, just letting our ego-consciousness stream thoughts and emotions through us. We’ve given our ego-consciousness the power to control our lives through rationality, fear and belief in our mortality. These have enabled our dualistic reality. If we analyze their workings, we find that their entire existence is created by our personal choice of the boundaries we have set for our awareness.

We have experiences by realizing their reality. We make our experiences real for ourselves by recognizing their energetic patterns in our attention. We synchronize our thoughts and emotions with their polarity and vibratory frequency, allowing ourselves to realize who and what they become for us. By our personal command and belief, we express our conscious choice in what we realize as our reality. We are the creators of the qualities of our personal experiences in every moment, regardless of anything outside of our own conscious and subconscious awareness.

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