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Examining the Nature of Human Life

In the human game, there is no one to blame or feel sorry for. We’re all having the life that we have created for ourselves with our state of consciousness, including what we have inherited. The characters in our game are having unique experiences of all kinds, everyone contributing their experiences to universal consciousness. We are benefitting all beings who are aligned with universal consciousness. They can all feel what we feel and know what we think. By living in duality, we are doing the heavy lifting for all higher-dimensional beings who have not had these kinds of experiences.

It is possible for us to realize our eternal, infinite presence of awareness, while also realizing our incarnate human consciousness, with its empirical expression. When we examine our bodies from a perspective of perfection, every defect can have a symbolic meaning for us. Because our innate being adjusts the energy of our body according to our state of consciousness, while also being aware of all the trauma and deep fear that we have inherited. These negative energies express themselves as defects in our bodies, as well as difficulties in our experiences. Because they limit our conscious realization, they all need to be resolved.

The deepest causes of our defects are hidden from our awareness by our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We can transcend these through deep meditation or hypnotic regression, and we can intentionally recognize them, when they arise from a perceived threat. Any time we get a feeling of fear, no matter how faint, it will trigger one of our limiting beliefs. Once recognized, we can resolve them through our greater Self-Realization in acceptance and unconditional love and gratitude for the experience in empirical duality they have given us. We now have deeper compassion and understanding of negative experiences, which are not possible for our true, infinite Self.

From a higher perspective, our empirical experience in duality is like a game that we play with one another for very deep learning and ultimately greater expansion of awareness. The human experience is created and sustained by our human consciousness. We realize its reality together. As long as it is the only reality we recognize, we cannot go beyond its limitations. We can forgive ourselves for getting sucked into negativity. It’s a very realistic game that we’re playing, and occasionally we commit ourselves to the dungeon. There we collect more negative experiences for our greater understanding.

While we are processing our limitations, we can also be developing greater sensitivity to our intuition, because it is our inner connection with our expanded, eternal Self. It is the heart of our Being and our higher guidance. Once we intentionally open ourselves to it, we can align with its vibrations and realize that it comes to us through our entire being and gives us our inner knowing of the truth of everything. Recognizing and being aware of it in confidence in every moment, we can always know everything we need to know. We can feel the essence of everyone we encounter, and relate to the light in each one.

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