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Examining Our Core Consciousness

If we want to be aware of everything we need and want to know in every moment, we must align ourselves with our intuition. This is where we absolutely know what we know. There is no outside proof of our reality. Although we can create the proof, if we want to, it is all within our own consciousness. We have done this with the empirical world. We have given it reality for us by our realization. Now our life stream is carrying us beyond our limitations and beyond time/space as we have known it. We are being invited into a realm beyond polarity, where there is only joyful and loving creativity. Intuitively, we can direct our thoughts and feelings in alignment with life-enhancing energies in every moment.

Knowing our essence beyond the limits of empirical duality, we are no longer subject to those limitations. We are pure eternal, conscious presence of infinite awareness and creative power. Within the world that we have realized as real, we have enclosed our awareness. We can be within this awareness, while at the same time being aware of our infinite essence of Self-Awareness, knowing everything about what we pay attention to, as well as the entire consciousness of humanity, our species consciousness. Beyond space/time, we are all our own presence of awareness, the source of our conscious life-force.

We evolve moment to moment in our conscious realization. We are either increasing our vitality and radiance of gratitude and joy, or we are diminishing ourselves. There are no requirements outside of our own choice and desire of how we want to feel in relation to others and with ourselves. When we know who we are, we do not have to feel bad if someone belittles us. Such encounters are inviting us to transform the negative, life-diminishing energies into enlivening energies. It happens within our own consciousness by our intent. All possible energies and situations are potentially real in our experience by our recognition and realization.

Although we can create forms with our visions, the qualities of our lives depend upon our predominant vibratory state expressed within our consciousness. When we live in gratitude, joy, compassion, love and other life-enhancing energies, we attract wonderful experiences and relationships. We can resolve and release all fear and limitation and be confidently open to our intuition in every moment. Intuition arises in the conscious life-force that we receive through our heart, and we direct its use at the vibratory level that we choose to pay attention to.

Living in the empirical world can have much enjoyment through our senses. We choose how we want to experience it by our vibratory level. We control our perspective and our beliefs about ourselves. Our perspective can always be based in loving creativity. Once we can realize all of these things, we are no longer limited in any way. Our conscious awareness transforms without stress or fear into a realm of beauty and magnificence, dimensionally beyond negativity.

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