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Examining Our Ascension Process

Because of our incarnation in individual bodies, together with our training to believe that we are separate beings apart from our Creator, we have been unable to know our true identity. We have believed that we are limited to our physical abilities, and that our consciousness is an aspect of our brain. Recently scientists have found that our heart is neurologically much more powerful than our brain. But we do not think with our heart. This is where we innately know what we know without belief or proof beyond ourselves. It is the seat of our intuition and the conveyance of our life force from the consciousness of our Creator. Through the energy of our heart, we have access to greater guidance in understanding and realizing our true nature.

For eons our planet has been enveloped by negative energy, making it a very difficult place to live. Without our life force, the negative could not exist, because it receives no life force from the consciousness of the Creator. When we are negatively polarized, we shut ourselves off from the energy of our heart, and this is the situation of our ego-consciousness. Our thinking mind cannot know what our heart knows, and as long as we are wrapped up in our mental processes, we are missing awareness of our intuitive knowing.

To open ourselves to our intuition, we can transcend the mind of our ego-consciousness by many processes. We could engage in one of the traditional methods of awakening, such as Tibetan or Zen meditation or serious yoga. We can learn to direct our breath consciously for specific purposes. Spending time in nature and absorbing the vibrations of the Earth is helpful, as is listening to inspiring music and singing. With our strong intention and willingness to accept higher guidance, we can learn to release our anxieties and fears, our limiting beliefs about ourselves, and we can open our sensitivity and awareness to our innate knowing and feeling.

This is a never-ending process of personal expansion. Self-Realization of our true Being is a great step along the way to complete realization of the consciousness of the Creator, of Whom we are fractals of infinite Being. We are free to transcend the chaos and suffering in our lives by elevating our perspective by imagining and feeling ourselves living in scenarios of the greatest love and joy, compassion and fulfillment, until we can realize its reality. We are the only limiting factor that keeps us from realizing our truth. With intuitive realization, we are the energetic creators of the most magnificent experiences of our lives. This level of positive resonance is beyond the reach of negativity and is a state of Being that we can all achieve, because it is who we are. We just need to release our attachment to limitations, and we have to accomplish this absolutely through our intuitive realization.

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